Wood Block Printing in Blackheath

  I last printed two years ago at a screen printing class and since then my printing repertoire has been limited to say the least! But that was all about to change with the Block Printing class I had recently signed up to. What do I know about block printing? Short answer – nothing, and I didn’t do any research beforehand. I was hoping to be amazed and wowed by my teacher (I know, I know, having high expectations is never a good thing).

  The class took place at The Conservatoire an art centre in Blackheath, south London (where the London Marathon starts) and as far as arts centres go it is pretty swanky; mod cons surrounded by beautiful vintage printing equipment perfectly restored for beginners like me to get my grubby paws on!

  Follow my story of images to find out what I got up to throughout the day…

  Recommendation: This was an amazing class, the equipment and tools were exceptional but for me there’s nothing better than learning a craft from someone who is passionate about their craft. Our tutor lives and breathes block printing, he talked us through different techniques, exhibitions and artists’ names throughout the day, it was a pleasure it be taught by out tutor. If you are interested in any type of printing check out the rest of the classes at up Citylit

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