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In June 2012 feeling fairly board in my full time job and looking to turn my crafty talents to something I spoke to the Land Lady at my local pub, The Lamb in Surbiton and asked if   could run a monthly craft social event. She very kindly agreed and so I set about designing a lot of easy to follow craft packs. I hand illustrate all of them and make sure they fit – with all of the materials – into an A6 cellophane envelope.  The first event was such a success, and I had caught the craft event bug! 

Since June The Craft Inn has gone from strength to strength getting involved in loads of community projects taking place throughout 2013. Collaborating with fellow local crafters, making new friends and visiting schools to run sewing and knitting workshops. I love teaching craft skills to kids, they get so excited about making something with their hands and always tell me that they want to teach their friends and families. Kids to me are a great way of getting people making again!

 Speaking about getting the local community creative, the projects I have created to celebrate the Surbiton Food Festival have been the biggest! Producing a Yarn Bomb that has taken centre stage in our own (situated right in front of the very busy commuter station).  

For the Yarn Bomb I joined forces with blogger and local Yarn Bomber CrocheTime, we received pieces of crocheted fruit and veg from all over the world, this gave me an idea. If people were so up for making a piece of fruit for a Yarn Bomb would they be interested in sending small sewn items for what I am calling a Craft Bomb?

After some thought about what it was I wanted the Craft Bomb to look like have asked people to make small stuffed fruit and veg for me to place in trees and up lamp posts all around the town.  

                                                                          (For those that didn’t feel comfortable enough to design their own patterns I made some illustrated instructions.)


Each vegetable Craft Bomb will have is going to have little bits of information about where different foods come from and how they grow for the local kids to find. I also decided to make a community patchwork picnic blanket. Asking people to craft about their love of food or their foodie memories onto a 20x20 piece of fabric. The idea of the blanket is that it will be added to and keep growing (like any healthy community should). Like the Yarn Bomb, I don’t want to exclude the crafting community when I talk about ‘our community’ so I am inviting all of you to get involved and make something wonderful!

                                                       (Here is an example of a work in progress piece for the community picnic blanket drawn by 3 year old Millie and hand embroidered by her mum.)

If you would like to contribute to the Craft Bomb, please do. You can either make some yummy looking stuffed veg or add to the picnic blanket with a foodie memory. Throughout this post I have scattered images of the craft pieces for the bomb, you can take inspiration for these or make something completely different – so long as it fits along the theme!


Thanks to Craft Candy for giving me the opportunity to write about this project and thanks to all of you for getting involved!


You can find me on Facebook/TheCraftInnWithBobi 

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