Taxidermy Class in Shoreditch

  Being a creative workshop and classes platform it would be wrong if not one person in our team had tried and learned more about the classes listed on our site, so I took one for the team this month and signed up to a taxidermy class.

  When you think of taxidermy what springs to mind? Dead animals? Never in a million years? Or, “Wow I hadn’t realised that there are classes in taxidermy”? Well for me it was none of the above; it was simply, “oohhh something new to try”. Hindsight is a wonderful thing!

  It turned out to be an insightful four hour class. Taxidermy isn’t a quick craft. You can’t just stuff an animal before you go to bed! Our teacher {insert name} talked us through lots of the processes involved, and given that a mouse takes four hours you won’t see me mounting a bear’s head on my wall anytime soon!

Before you proceed and scroll down to see our wonderful images, please be aware that there are two or three images which aren’t for the squirmy so you might not want to see them whilst you are eating, but other than that you can see how my mouse turned into Donna the mouse… yes I named her - I’d spent 4 hours getting acquainted, how could she not have a name?


Not to be tried at home No mice were hurt whilst making this blog post

Recommendation: Yes of course I would recommend the class to others, here’s the link to the site I booked the class through and I’ve grown attached to Donna. Doing a course like this, where I got to learn a traditional craft was an eye opener and I have a new respect for taxidermy. The only thing I’d change about my class was the venue. It took place at a venue in London called Box Park and the place is amazing for shopping, socialising and eating but not taxidermy, we were situated next to a Thai canteen… which seemed just plain wrong!

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