Project Vintage Style Fascinator

Designer: SamanthaSchofield

This DIY vintage inspired fascinator is perfect for a Summer Wedding or a Garden Party. It’s personal, unique and no-one else will be wearing it! It will take about one hour to make. Once you get the basics you

can add your own personal touches to your next fascinator projects. I started making fascinators about four years ago when I wanted a few fancy headpieces for hen parties. They started as DIY projects and so many people complimented me that I kept on discovering new ideas and techniques. 

Here is how you can also get the retro look with items you will have in your sewing stash.

You Will Need

15cm x 15cm linen fabric

15cm x 15cm red felt

40cm x cream double satin bias binding

1m x cream organza ribbon

1 x expresso cup for a template or a disc with a 10cm


15 x 15cm piece of paper

15 x 15cm tracing paper / greaseproof paper

3 x faux white roses (most haberdashery stores sell these)

1 x mineral bottle

1 x satin covered alice band

1 pen

1 tapestry needle

1 embroidery needle

1 spool of self coloured thread

Sewing pins


25 x 25cm cream net

 Let’s Create! 

Cut out your fascinator and cover Trace around the expresso cup and cut out a template. Use the paper template to trace onto the plastic bottle using the curve to make a pre-formed fascinator base!

Cut out the linen fabric with a 1cm seam allowance. Using the tapestry needle, stretch the fabric over the plastic. Stitch through the plastic so it is secure.

Give a professional finish with bias and felt

Slip stitch the bias onto the inside of the linen fabric. Stitch the Alice band to the bias at each side. Adjust to make sure the curve fits the head. Mine tipped up at the front. It’s personal taste.

Cut out the felt 1cm smaller than the template and stitch inside the fascinator.

Now take your paper pattern and divide up your decoration into three equal portions. 


Your now ready to decorate!

This is the fun bit, if you are using net, gather using a gathering stitch and attach as per your paper pattern and the picture.

Take your flowers and pull the silk petals from any plastic greenery and leaves. Throw about the plastic bits. Following one direction (like a bouquet) pinch together the middle of the petals and stitch onto the linen fabric. Continue until all the petals are used, then add the silk leaves.

With your ribbon, double up and tie into a bow. Stitch to the fascinator as per the pattern. With the bow loops, stitch these to the fascinator equally so it looks balanced. With the bow tails, use these  to tie a bow, adding height and interest.

Your project is now finished and ready for your occasion.


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