Meet our new Chief Writer - Anna Burnell

When we decided to bring the writing and communication of Craft Candy in-house, Sheffield-based 

blogger Anna was the perfect person for the job. Anna is now our Chief Writer and 

responsible for newsletters, blog posts and giving her stamp of approval to all 

outgoing communication. Here the writer gives us an insight into her world of 

creativity and words.

Can you tell us a bit about your personal blog?

I write a craft blog called Miss Beatrix, which is named after my pooch and partner in crime, Bea… who in turn is named after my literary heroine, Beatrix Potter. I write about creativity in all its varied forms, the craft projects I’m working on, and my larger than life penpal project, #PostCircle.

How long have you been writing?  What do you love about it?

I’ve always loved writing. Writing stories, writing letters and writing to put across a message in a unique way. These days we build entire thriving communities around the internet so the written word is a super-charged power tool, and writing one of our oldest and most versatile crafts.

Describe yourself in three words.

Crafty, bookish…and curious.

Who are your writing influences?

I’ve always been heavily influenced by children’s writers because I admire their ability to captivate young brains and use language in wonderful ways. Roald Dahl springs immediately to mind. I admire the fearless

sense of humour of writers such as Caitlin Moran, and am inspired by the wealth of writing talent in the blogosphere. I often think quality of writing comes second to content in many blogs, but there are also a great many bloggers writing so eloquently about their chosen subject; it makes them a pleasure to read.

What’s your earliest writing/ reading memory?

I remember visiting my local library with my mum when I was around five or six, and wondering how the nice librarian managed to make the books ‘beep’ when she issued them to me! I’d be so excited to bring a pile of fresh books home every fortnight, and would get stuck straight in… but I could never get them to make that beeping noise!

Why Craft Candy?

I am avid multi-crafter and always on the lookout for new crafts and techniques to try. That’s why I thought Craft Candy was such a great idea for helping me fulfil that need as a user of the site, and I’ve seen how

excited others are about it too. To now bring writing and making together into one role is my idea of the perfect job!

How does social media help you work? 

I love great communication and I love people, so social media is a really important part of my job. It allows me to chinwag with the Craft Candy community and ensure I’m writing about the things they want to read

about. It’s one of the reasons that our workshops are now expanding beyond craft and into other creative pursuits – that instant feedback we get from our users is handy stuff!

How have you been inspired since working for Craft Candy?

I’m one of those people who’s always looking to learn something new, sometimes I have to stop myself taking on too much! Craft Candy provides so many ideas for new things to try, and because creative social events can be listed on there too there’s the potential to meet new people through Craft Candy, as well as learning new skills.

Anna’s five tips for writing a great blog post

1.       Only write about what you love. It’s amazing how passion shines through words, and if you don’t love your subject matter, why would anyone else want to take the time to read it?

2.       Think about your audience, and keep your paragraphs short and punchy. There are always more blogs than there is time to read them all, so don’t give your reader a reason to amble off elsewhere.

3.       Come up with a super slick title for your post. This will make it more appealing to curious readers, and will help your search engine ratings too.

4.       When you speak, you tell the listener a great deal about your personality through your accent, the words you use and your voice. The blogs that make me want to scroll through their archives and read every post use this unique voice in their writing too. Whether it’s the quirky words you use or your cheery tone, think about your written voice and help your readers get to know you.

5.       Proofread! I can’t tell you how important this is. It’s all very well spending an hour writing the perfect, engaging post, but spelling mistakes tell your reader you couldn’t be bothered to add the final finish. It’s like crocheting a beautiful blanket and then not threading in your ends! Check, check, and check again. I always schedule my posts in advance so I can have some breathing space before a final read through and publishing.


Hi Anna!  Best of luck in your new role and I look forward to reading more from you in the blog!

By Sy Peddlesden on 2014 01 28

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