Fun Fabric Mother’s Day Card By Laura Strutt

Mother’s Day is just around the corner – what better way to show you care than with a contemporary stitched card? Have a rummage through your stash and pick out your favourite prints for a modern and striking design.


Card blank

Backing fabric – remnant

Contrast print cotton – remnant


Fabric Scissors

Pinking sheers

Embroidery cotton

Embroidery Needle



Scrapbook Stitch Hole Maker (optional)

Step 1

Using the pinking sheers trim the backing fabric to create a panel 2cm smaller than the front of the card. On to the Bondaweb draw out the word MUM – working with bold block capitals will make it easier to cut and give a neater finish.

Step 2

Cut the  work from the fabric and Bondaweb and use an iron to secure to the front of the backing fabric using the iron and following the manufacturers instructions.

Step 3

Using the Scrapbook Stitch Hole Maker make a line of stitching holes along the front of the card, this will be positioned 2cm inside the pinked edge of the backing fabric. If you don’t have a Scrapbook Stitch Hole Maker, simply work with a sharp needle or pin, with the card placed on a folded towel to make small and neat needle holes through which to stich.  

Step 4

Using an iron and a piece of Bondaweb position and secure the embellished MUM fabric panel to the front of the card. Thread the needle with the embroidery cotton and, using the neat holes as a guide ass a line of neat running stitches across the front. Secure the threads neatly on the inside to finish.   

Laura Strutt is the author of The Sewing Manual (Haynes 2013) and The DIY Wedding Manual (Haynes 2014) she shares daily projects, how-to guides and handmade style and inspiration daily on her creative lifestyle journal

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