Festive French Knot Heart Tutorial

This simple felt heart is easy to make and is a great addition to your stash of festive decorations. The densely sewn French knots take a little time to do, 

depending in the size of your heart, but give a lovely wooly texture when completed.  Although this was designed with Christmas in mind it would be a 

suitable gift or decoration for any time of the year.

You will need:

An embroidery hoop

Embroidery thread

Felt fabric

A needle suitable to sew embroidery thread


A pencil 


Garden twine for the hanging loop

Cut your fabric to size and draw on the heart motif to your required dimensions, once you have done this place the fabric in the embroidery hoop.  

Gently pull the edges of the fabric to ensure it is taught, you will know its taught enough if it sounds like a dull drum when tapped.

Insert the needle at the point of your heart coming up through the fabric. To do a French knot you need to wrap the thread around the needle twice. 

Insert the needle back in the felt close to where it originally emerged. Pull the wrapped thread towards the bottom of the needle to create the start of your French knot.

Push the needle down through the fabric and pull the thread through to secure the knot in place.

Once you have pulled all the thread through your French knot will appear, give the thread a gentle tug to ensure the knot is snug against the fabric and repeat. 

Continue the French knot stitches until you have filled your heart motif. 

You can sew the knots almost on top of each other to create a wooly effect, if you prefer you can scatter the knots for a more minimal design.

Once you have completed the knots take your fabric out of the hoop and trim the excess fabric leaving enough seam allowance to enable 
you to sew and stuff your heart. Cut out another felt heart for the back of your decoration ensuring that both hearts are the same size. 
Place one heart on top of the other and secure with pins if required. 
Using the same embroidery thread sew around the heart using a basic stab stitch. You will need to leave a small gap to allow you to insert the stuffing into your heart.
Once you have stuffed the heart continue to sew around it for a second time to create a continuous solid line of stitching.
If required use pinking shears to trim the edges to create a crinkled edge.  You then need to thread through the garden twine
to make the hanging loop. Knot the garden twine and you have your completed wooly felt heart.
Make a few to go on the Christmas tree or make lots and sew together for a great garland to decorate your mantle piece, 
alternatively make them as a thoughtful Christmas gift.
Have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
Love Lou xxx
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