Debbie Bliss Releases Her New Book: Woolly Woofers

Renowned knitwear designer Debbie Bliss has published twenty original knitted designs for pooches in the form of Woolly Woofers, which came out on Thursday. We at Craft Candy were keen to get our paws on a copy, and as I (Anna) have a canine friend of my own, Beatrix, we curled up and took a look at it together.

  The book assumes you have a dog who likes to look dapper and stylish in the first place, and while my dog isn’t one for dressing up per sé, we liked that it doesn’t take this trend into the realms of, well, the silly. Beatrix is rather fond of a nice woolly jumper in the cooler months, and here she is spoiled for choice, with patterns ranging from a debonair ‘Sherlock Bones’ number to a woolly parka for poochy city slickers.

  Our favourite was the aran sweater; simple, classic and goes with everything.

  We all know that humans come in lots of different shapes and sizes, but that’s nothing compared to dogs, so I was impressed by the handy information on sizing for each pattern. The instructions are easy to follow and the book has a very fresh, clean feel - not a whiff of twee in sight.

  Best of all, every one of Debbie Bliss’ designs serves the true purpose of clothing for any dog - to keep them warm. I know Beatrix will be more than happy to sport one or two of these woolly numbers this winter.

  Woolly Woofers is published by Quadrille and retails at £14.99

Book photography by Richard Burns

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