Craft Candy Interviews Wool and the Gang

  This week we’re really excited to interview Jade and Aurelie from Wool and the Gang. A community of makers all working together to take the knitted fashion world by storm, the brand continues to go from strength to strength. We had a chat with them to find out the story behind The Gang.

  CC: So – tell us all! Just who are Wool and the Gang?

  W&G: A Gang needs to be big if it wants to conquer the world. So, The Gang is ourselves, Jade and Aurelie, Gang founders and Creative Directors. The Gang is also a super team of 15 people who work from our warehouse-studio in East London pulling all the right strings for our brand to expand and thrive. And above all, The Gang is powered by tight community of makers who work on their own time and from their own place and sell via

  CC: How did it start?

W&G: We met while studying Textile Design at Central Saint Martins in London. After school we gained experience together at Alexander McQueen and Balmain in Paris. That’s when we met former model, world traveller and yarn lover Lisa Sabrier. Together we founded Wool and the Gang and we took our yarn paraphernalia from New York to East London.

  CC: What’s the vision behind the brand?

W&G: We believe in fashion disruption - in fashion made differently. Fashion should (and can) be #madeunique with love. No nasties, no mass-produced clothing, just quality fashion produced in a sustainable way. We’ve all done it, purchased low quality, cheap fashion made in factories abroad and wondered ‘how do they make it so cheap?’ The reality is not good. There has to be a better way to produce, one that allows us to to wear with pride and sleep soundly. So Wool and the Gang was born - pioneering fashion production that’s made in a sustainable way, bringing back knitting as a viable means of production for generations to come.

  CC: Where are your makers based?

W&G: Our Gang makers spread all over the world leading the maker revolution from London to France, US, Peru and Australia.

  CC: How does being a Gang Member work?

  W&G: Our Gang Makers knit up our designs using Wool and the Gang yarns. Once the finished pieces have passed through Quality Check and received the WATG stamp of approval they’re uploaded to our website. After they sell, the maker receives the sale price minus our commission.

  CC: What’s the best woolly garment you have ever owned? (Mine was a fluffy woolly gilet. It was so bad, it was amazing!)

  Jade: A handknitted tunic from my Nan, which has been attacked by moths but I love it so much that I just can’t throw it out.

  Aurelie: A WATG beanie. wink

  Thanks guys! You can find out everything you need to know about buying from Wool and the Gang and becoming a member on their very cool website.

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