Craft Candy Birthday Bunting Quick Make By Laura Strutt

Bunting is a great addition to any special occasion, but this super quick make bunting can be personalized to give it a really unique feel! Plus, it is made with only a couple of supplies, so you can whip up a few lengths at a moments notice!


Length of ribbon 20cm longer than desired bunting length

  Pack of coloured paper doilies

  Paper glue stick

  Coloured pens

  Scissors (optional)

  Step 1

Lay out your desired number of paper doilies for the sentiment that you want to share on the paper bunting. Begin folding the upper section of the paper bunting section over by 2-3cm.

  Step 2

Arrange the paper doilies into your prefereed colour order and begin writing your sentiment across them. Add one letter to each doilie and work in italic or block capitals, whichever you prefer.

  Step 3

Leaving 10cm of ribbon for hanging the bunting, and place the folded bunting over the ribbon. Secure in place with a dab of paper glue.

  Step 4

Continue securing the folded doilies onto the ribbon with paper glue, leaving 1-2cm between each one, until the sentiment is secure on the ribbon. Leave 10cm at the end for hanging the bunting.

  Step 5

  Why not customize the design and trim away some of the outer frills of the bunting to accommodate larger words?

  Once your bunting is complete, hang and enjoy – because this is made form light-weight paper doilies, you’ll be able to hand it easily with just a blog of Blu Tack or a thumb tack.

  Laura Strutt is the author of The Sewing Manual (Haynes 2013) and The DIY Wedding Manual (Haynes 2014) she shares daily projects, how-to guides and handmade style and inspiration daily on her creative lifestyle journal

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