Bauble Bauble Revamp tutorial

Hello and welcome to a Craft Candy Christmas Tutorial in Revamping Christmas Baubles. A few years ago I decided to make my family members personalised Christmas baubles to hang on their trees, this year I’m also revamping some old baubles to give them a little added sparkle.

For this task you will need

  • crafting glue such as a multi purpose PVA
  • glitter in assorted colours
  • single coloured baubles
  • cotton buds
  • a clean and dry art paint brush
  • also an egg cup holder
  • a tray to catch the glitter.

Most of these items can be founds in The Pound Shop or 99p store, crafting glue you can find in Art or crafting shops.


Place the bauble in the egg cup holder and apply the pattern or name or your choice in glue. Wipe away any mistakes with a cotton bud.


Place the egg cup holder and bauble in the tray and gentle sprinkle glitter over the bauble making sure all the glue areas are covered.

Once the glue has completely dry (I usually leave to dry overnight) you can brush away the excess glitter with the paint brush and then you have your revamped and personalised baubles.


You can create as many different designs as you like and instead or using glitter you can use acrylic gems to create your designs.

And that is a very quick and easy way to turn some old baubles into a personal Christmas gift or just revamp them to your own personal taste for your tree.

hope you enjoyed this tutorial and of behalf of The Crafty Ms De Vil and Craft Candy, 

Happy Crafting and Happy Christmas.


Natasha De Vil





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