A Chat With Pinterest UK Part 2: Using Pinterest as a Blogger

In part two of our Pinterest series, Lizzie Sibley, Pinterest’s UK Marketing Manager, shares her advice on using Pinterest as a blogger. You can read part one here.


Pinterest UK's Marketing Manager, Lizzie, is back to share more tips
Pinterest UK’s Marketing Manager, Lizzie, is back to share more tips



  1. Hi again Lizzie! As a blogger, how important is it to like and comment on other people’s pins?

  Authenticity is key to Pinterest. You can comment on Pins or @mention fellow Pinners to give them a heads up when you find something great. There’s also a space on every Pin where you can ask questions and get answers from your fellow Pinners.

  2. What size do you recommend bloggers make their original images?

  You can upload JPG, PNG and GIF image files to Pinterest and you can even Pin videos from YouTube. You can Pin images that are at least 100px in one dimension (height or width) and at least 200px in the other (if you’re using the Pin
It button on your website images must be at least 120px by 120px to show the hover Pin It button).

  3. Is it important to pin regularly to make sure I keep getting noticed, or is it the quality of the images themselves that matter most?

  The half-life of a Pin is thousands of times longer than a tweet or Facebook post. What I’d recommend is that you get the Pin It button on your blog, encourage your readers to do the Pinning for you. Regular Pinning keeps you up to date with what people are interested in.

  4. Do you have any tips for creating great, pinnable images for my blog?

  Take a look at Pinterest; what do you want to Pin? A clear image that inspires you to do something is what you want.

  5. How important is it that I add a description to my pins?

  Pinterest search works on organic text. If you list a Pin as a blue, ombré sweater – it will turn up in searches for each of these words. Again the key to Pinterest is authenticity, helping people to discover more.

  6. In the world of the internet, with so many great ideas flying around, plagiarism and inadvertent copying can be a real problem. How do you recommend bloggers strike the balance between using and enjoying Pinterest for inspiration, and keeping their own ideas original?

  You can find out more about Copyright and Trademark use in the Pinterest support centre.

Great tips, thanks Lizzie! We’ll be back with part 3 - getting more out of Pinterest for small businesses - next week.

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